EETC Young Playwrights Festival 2021:

  • 2021 Young Playwrights FestivalFestival is open to any 15-minute play of any genre written by students enrolled in Grades 6-9 as of September 2020
  • Authors may enter more than one script but each script must be accompanied by a separate entry fee and on-line form
  • Entries must be received by EETC by 10pm May 31, 2021
  • Script must be written in English
  • Script must be original. Adaptations of other works will not be accepted except for adaptations of works that are in the public domain (for instance a contemporary adaptation of a classic Greek tragedy) or adaptations of works to which the author holds sole copyright (for instance a short story that the author wrote and holds copyright)


  • Script must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee: $10.00 for BC residents, $0 for Theatre BC individual or family members or members of any BC Community Theatre group
  • Once payment has been received, you will be automatically sent to our script submission page
  • Entrants who would like a written adjudication of their entry must include a $5.00 non-refundable written adjudication fee at the time they submit their script
  • EETC is committed to accessibility to the Young People’s 15-min playwriting festival. The entry fee may be waived upon the request of an entrant if the fee is a major hurdle to entering the competition. A request to waive the entry fee must be received by staff of EETC by April 30


  • Festival is open to any BC student enrolled in Grades 6-9 who has been a permanent resident of the province and a student since September 2020
  • Scripts that have been entered in other playwriting competitions are eligible
  • Scripts that have gone through a workshop or been given public readings are eligible
  • Scripts that have been produced professionally are NOT eligible. Plays that have been commissioned are NOT eligible. (Any public performance, in which production members were paid beyond an honorarium, will be considered a professional production)


  • Qualifying plays are chosen from a short list from all entries. Winning plays are selected by a single juror from this short-list. The juror’s decisions are final. Scripts are de-identified prior to short-listing and judging. Identity of the playwright is withheld from jurors until winners are decided
  • Winners will be notified when the jury process is complete, followed by a public announcement by July 31, 2021
  • Winners agree to allow Theatre BC to use their name and play title in the promotion ‘EETC Young Playwrights Festival for Grades 6-9’


  • Prize of $500 for the 1st place winner
  • Prize of $250 for the 2nd place winner
  • 1st and 2nd place winners receive an intensive workshop of their play
  • Both winning scripts will be given a public reading/presentation provided by EETC in September 2021


  • An electronic PDF copy of the script is to accompany the on-line entry form. Other document formats will not be accepted
  • Script must be received by deadline of 10 pm May 31, 2021
  • Scripts must be formatted properly (see example below). If you are unfamiliar with proper formatting, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
    • Text: 12 pt font; double-spaced between speaking parts
    • Speakers’ names: isolated from their dialogue in some manner
    • Stage directions: clearly distinguished from dialogue
    • No images anywhere in the script


  • No reference to the playwright should appear anywhere in the script including TITLE or COVER PAGE
  • Written adjudications will be sent to the author by email
  • Entrants assume full responsibility for the submission of the script and EETC accepts no responsibility for a script until it is received


Script Sample


(Leaf enters wearing a flight jacket and goggles)

Leaf – Hurry up, Grace!

(Grace enters running carrying her flight jacket, her goggles perched on her head, putting on her scarf.)

Grace – I’m coming. I just had to radio ahead. I want everything ready when we land.

Leaf- They are depending on you!

Grace – On us. Ready on the chocks!

(Grace climbs into the pilot’s seat as Leaf runs to the wheels of the plane ready to pull up the chocks. The engine coughs into action, soon there is the loud roar of the motor.)

Grace – Chocks away!

(Leaf pulls the chocks from under the wheels and scrambles into the seat behind Grace.)


Submissions will open March 1st, 2021


Entry fees are non-refundable.

Festival QuestionsSend us a note if you have any questions

Festival art: ‘Divinity’ – Hana O’Reilly
Festival logo – Isabelle Love