The Actor’s POV

An Acting intensive with Bob Frazer

AUG 5 10 – 4pm AUG 6 10 – 5pm 2012

Grab this opportunity to work with one of the most exciting talents on the stage today.

How do you tell the truth on stage? How can an actor fall so deeply into a role that they just seem to be that character? How do you clearly tell the whole story or journey of the character? It’s a lot easier than you think and this workshop will highlight the tools you already have that can help you succeed on stage like never before. Using some of Sanford Meisner’s teachings about acting, this workshop will provide the actor with the confidence and joy to accomplish what every actor wants, truth on stage. It will focus on the basics of acting which the participants will use to forget about performing and realize they are living as that character. Through highly positive and inspiring work you will walk away feeling like you could take on any role and have always had the ability to do it.

Working from “A Streetcar Named Desire” you will perform and rehearse scenes from the play putting together a large part of the play. A familiarity with the script is essential.

COST: Stage 43 members: $100; Theatre BC members: $120; non-members: $150 Auditors: Cost Stage 43 members and Theatre BC members: $50; non members: $75